Milka ChocoGrains (168g)

Milka ChocoGrains (168g)

Tomorrow I have a guest. My friend is 5-month pregnant and I plan to make plum cake, chocolate cake (typical english one) and... while I was shopping I found Milka cookies.Milka cookies plus coffeine-free traditional polish coffee Inka: hope she will not kill me.

Few words about Milka. I love this chocolate, love cookies but... as dietician I have to say: it is really shit food. Eating too much Milka? You can say hello to your fatty liver :) But as my professor said once: 

What does healthy diet consist of? - In healthy diet you can eat everything what is not tasty.

Nutrition per 100g:

7,9g protein
60,5g carbohydrates (one cookie is almost 1BE)
24g fat
5,2g fibre

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